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My name is Lance Taylor

I am a professional web developer, based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I am qualified and experienced in a range of web based technologies, and easily adapt to new ones as required. I can hand code X/HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and PHP to expert level. I write web based applications of the highest quality with logically structured, clearly commented, thoroughly documented code. My emphasis is on creating not just implementations but interfaces that can be reused, scaled for bigger purposes, yet still remaining manageable and suitable for pain-free handover to other developers as required. I also have experience of graphic design and use of various relevant software packages.

Equally important are my interpersonal skills. I am comfortable at a senior level within a team, mentoring more junior developers and helping them develop their skills. In this capacity I have also given talks to entire classes of Honors university students on coding best practices and offering advice for real world employment.

On this site you will find plenty of information about my skills and experience along with examples of what I can do. My CV is downloadable in the About Me section, where you can get to know me a little better.

Any questions, comments or if you would like to discuss a project please get in touch!


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