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About Me

Name: Lance Taylor

DOB: 12/06/1979

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Likes: Healthy food, innovative music, ebay, science fiction, computers.

Dislikes: Television, error messages, global warming, rain.

Interests: Technology, culture, history, nature, politics.

Hobbies: Design, travel, camping, cycling, writing music, writing fiction.


I have been involved in web design and development since 1999. Through commercial experience and formal education, I have covered many areas and developed my skills and knowledge base to a professional level. I can now complete every stage of the process but specialise in coding both front and back end. I have created many web sites working full time, freelance and also as a hobby. The best thing about this industry is that it allows me to use my technical ability in a creative way. I am very versatile and can adapt to new technologies and scripting languages quickly.

My intensive interest and commercial involvement in this industry began when I completed my HND in Multimedia Computing in 2000, and took up full time employment designing and developing websites. I later returned to university to complete my education, and graduated with a 1st Class BSc Honors in Web Development.

I supported myself during my studies with continued commercial web development work on a freelance basis.

Coming from a multimedia background, I have an understanding of many key factors which are essential to creating a successful web site. In particular, usability considerations and the overall user experience are of the greatest importance when developing new systems.

If you would like me to work on your project, then please contact me with some details.


BSc. Hons. 1st Class: Web Development

Course Title Content Final Grade
Introduction to Database Systems SQL & Database Design A
Internet Scripting XHTML, CSS & JavaScript A
Web Site Development ASP, VBScript A
Web Server Technology Perl, PHP, XAMP A
Server Technologies IIS, Windows Server, Networking B1
Unix System Administration Unix/Linux A
Component Software for Business Component Design, OOP, VB Script, ASP B1
Professional & Ethical Issues in Computing As title A
Advanced Flash Production Actionscript 3, OOP A
Dynamic Web Technologies Python A
Server Side Systems ASP.NET A
Internet Technologies Various (Java etc.) B1
Web Development 4 Project Dissertation, PHP A


English: B

Chemistry: B

Physics: B

Maths: C

HNC Multimedia Comp:

Presentation Graphics


Applications Construction

Multimedia Apps Design

Graphics Techniques

Computer Networks





HND Multimedia Comp:

Digital Video Techniques

Computer Animation 2D

HCI: Design & Evaluation

Networked Multimedia

Multimedia Project

Digital Audio Techniques

Computer Animation 3D

HTML/Web Design



Work History

Employer: Thomson Reuters

Dates: March 2012 - Present

Responsibilities: Responsible for client side code within Cortellis life sciences product: an enterprise application with a high level of data. Cortellis provides a wide range of information as well as visualisation and analysis tools to the pharmaceutical industry on a global scale. Technology is based on Java/JSP stack with jQuery, SMACSS, JavaScript.


Employer: Wray and Entwisle

Dates: Sep 2010 - Dec 2011

Responsibilities: Design and development of Box3: in house Framework/CMS. Development of custom components for bCubed and other CMS systems. Other responsibilities similar to previous job.


Employer: Drive Business

Dates: Aug 2009 - Sep 2010

Responsibilities: Coding including XHTML, CSS, Javascript/Jquery, SQL/MySQL, PHP. Software includes Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Netbeans, HTML Kit, Notepad ++, Tortoise SVN, WAMP/XAMP/Apache. Tasks for these websites ranged from bug fixes to complete site reskins and full page reconstructions, development of new interactive features both front and back end, as well as development of new CMS areas and improvements to existing ones. I have also been involved in new build projects with large amounts of input.


Employer: A Web Design

Dates: Mar 2007 - Aug 2009

Responsibilities: Complete web design and construction - from conception to publication. Development and installation of online applications, admin & databases. Customer service including technical support. XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, ASP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop


Employer: Eyedentified

Dates: Jun 2000 - Mar 2007

Responsibilities: Complete web design and construction - from conception to publication. Development and installation of online applications, admin & databases. Customer service including technical support. Telemarketing. Meeting clients on a sales and technical basis. Training consultant. XHTML, CSS, Perl/CGI, Javascript, Actionscript, Dreamweaver, Photoshop

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